Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All the Single Ladies...

A poem? Seriously. I haven't written a poem since I was 13. But that feeling thing that happens when I write a song, a chapter, a Blog, it showed up. I am old enough to know that it's the Holy Spirit. I argued. Tried to put music to it. Gave up. So here is my first poem in 23 years. It's dedicated to all my single ladies, all my single ladies, Oh, Oh, Oh....


He is not in the emptiness of a tryst. Or the control of a fist.
He is not even in the softness of a first kiss.

He is not in search of milk for free. Or voluptuous arm candy.
He is not smitten by lashes & chemistry.

No. He. The He. He-man. He-ro.
He looks deeper.

He is. In pursuit of you. By way of The Way.

He is seeking first The Kingdom.
He is walking down a road toward Proverb 31.
He is running straight into your destiny.

Will you be there? Where are you?
Wallowing in impatience?
Soaking in insecurity?
Or bathing in Esther's anointing of Preparation? Expectation?

God's ways are higher ways.
God's thoughts are greater thoughts.
God's plans are better plans.
God's man is THE Man.

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